Everything You Need To Know About Mahjong Tile Tables Before Purchasing

Mahjong tables are tile-based sets, creating a name for themselves globally. Two or four players play the Mahjong game using the tiles by slowly discarding them till they find identical sets. The table is multipurpose as people use it for the game and can act as a coffee table. Its small size gives a minimalistic feel but is very efficient and sophisticated. The mahjong tables have a standard look, but some manufacturers customize them to your liking. You can get a traditional, semi-automatic, or automatic mahjong table from various sellers worldwide. This article expounds more on mahjong tile tables.

Describing the mahjong tile tables

These tables are available in different sizes depending on the number of tiles used. There are several variations, the most common being the American version with 144 tiles. Those who choose to play using these tiles take longer than those on the traditional table, but it’s quite easy and fun for individuals of all ages. The table is square, and the edges are slightly raised to prevent the tiles from sliding off.

Mahjong tables are durable due to the felt that covers them, preventing wear and tear. Without being told that the table acts as a gambling surface, you’ll forcefully deny it because a posh marble top covers the deck. The table also has a velvet top that is resistant to water and dust, so it remains spotless.

The versatility of the mahjong tile tables

At this point, it is now evident that the tables are both a gaming and functional surface around the home. The automatic or electric tables come with a remote that controls movement. It’s possible lower or raise the table past its original height based on the need. The table can elevate to a height of 92cm and be a suitable dining table for sharing meals. On the flip side, you can lower it to a height of 56cm for it to act as a coffee table.

Aside from the remote, these tables have a voice-control feature. You give a command, and it’s done without manual involvement. An example is the shuffling of cards on command.

Types of mahjong tile tables

There are varying forms of the tables, but we’ll focus on the three broad categories.

Automatic mahjong tables

The tables use electricity or power to operate. People prefer them over others as they respond to orders automatically without anyone’s involvement. Their ability to perform all tasks makes them more expensive than others.

Semi-automatic mahjong tables

They are slightly cheaper but require manual participation to enable some functions.

Folding mahjong tables

They are foldable into a smaller size and portable, making them convenient for travel. They occupy significantly less space; hence people love them for their apartments or small areas.

Final words

Understanding the mahjong tile table enables you to choose wisely before purchasing. The tables act as gaming surfaces or dining tables to socialize and have fun with family and friends. The three main types, i.e., foldable, automatic, and semi-automatic tables, are great, but each has pros and cons. They vary in size, functionality, and price. You can have one customized or purchase ready-made pieces from appropriate sellers.



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